Pdates on the WFD RSA Trainings 2019

Regarding the TWO trainings that will take place in Kobe, Japan in December this year, we would like to announce an updated period for the registrations, please refer to the table below.

Names and Dates of the Trainings:

Item Name Date of Trinings Updated Period of Registration
1 Sustainable Development Goals & Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD & SDGs Training) 23-24 Dec 2019 Until 6 December 2019
2 International Sign Interpreters Training in Asia 2019 (ISIT 2019) 21-22 Dec 2019 Until 6 December 2019

For more information, please click our official website: http://www.wfdeafrsa.org/home/wfd-rsa-trainings-2019-info-pack/.

In addition, we received lots of inquiries from OMs and many inquiries from individuals since our last announcement. We would like to take the opportunity to clarify your inquiries here.

For Ordinary Members (OMs):

  1. Only valid OM which has settled their membership fees for 2019 are eligible to send a maximum of two participants for the trainings. OMs are welcome to check your validity with the WFD RSA Office if you are not sure.
  2. Valid OMs are welcome to send different participants to attend two of the trainings mentioned. For example, you may send Participant A and B for CRPD & SDGs Training 2019, and other persons like Participant C and D for ISIT 2019.
  3. Or if OMs wish to send the same two participants for the two trainings mentioned above, there is no problem in that.
  4. Please be reminded again that there will be TWO trainings taking place in Kobe, Japan.

For individuals:

  1. Any individual without the authorization of the OM in their country/region are NOT eligible to participate any of the Trainings mentioned above.
  2. If any individual is interested to participate at the Trainings above, you are encouraged to talk with the OM in your country/region. For the OM list, please refer to http://www.wfdeafrsa.org/home/links/list-of-members/.
  3. You will need to fill up the registration & entrusting power form (http://www.wfdeafrsa.org/home/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/ISIT-and-CRPD-and-SDGs_Registration-Form-Entrusting-Power-Form1.pdf) and have the endorsement by your local OM. Signatures of both the President and Secretary of your local OM are required. Also, your local OM has to put on their stamp chop on the form.