Videos of COVID-19 made by Ordinary Members of WFD RSA

Ordinary Members Release Date Website
China Association of the Deaf 29 January 2020
1 February 2020
7 February 2020
All India Federation of the Deaf 13 March 2020
20 March 2020
Iranian National Center of the Deaf 6 March 2020
Japanese Federation of the Deaf N/A
15 May 2020

Recently, at press conferences in Japan, sign language interpreters have also started to use face shields to protect the lives of sign language interpreters.

14 April 2020

In Japan, 50% to 80% of all broadcasts have subtitles, but sign language has an average of 10 minutes per week.
Attached are three photos of the Corona virus news with sign language.
- NHK (Discussion of Prime Minister Abe)
- NHK (Discussion of Governor of Tokyo)
- Commercial television (Discussion of Prime Minister Abe)
* NHK is Japan’s public broadcaster.
We would like you to put it as an example of Japan.

Korea Association of the Deaf 31 January 2020
Mongolian National Association of the Deaf N/A