The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) recognises that many communities around the world are affected by the coronavirus. Necessary measures are being taken- schools and workplaces are closed and public gatherings are being limited.

We can see the advocacy work of our national associations of deaf people are paying off, in the increase in access to public information via national sign language interpreters. The WFD is here to support our Ordinary Members, national associations of deaf people, in their advocacy work. In the coming weeks, please watch for information and tools from the WFD to ensure full access in sign languages during this pandemic.

Deaf communities around the world have been affected. We have cancelled gatherings and remain in our homes. But we will persevere as a community! Let’s reach out to each other and check in on each other via video. Let’s especially reach out to the more vulnerable members of our community – the eldery, the ill- to ensure they are safe and to lend them support. Let’s see deaf children keep in touch with each other via video chats! Together, we will remain connected. Together, we will remain united and strong!