New Regional Director for the WFD Regional Secretariat for Asia

The World Federation of the Deaf Regional Secretariat for Asia (WFDRSA) was established in 1984, which makes one of the oldest in all of the WFD Regional Secretariats.

Every three (3) years, the Management Committee of the members are elected and in its WFDRSA Representatives’ meeting was held in Paris, France on the 21st of July 2019. It is the first time for a woman, Ms Clarissa U Ka Weng to be held at this kind of position as the Regional Director in the Asia region. The elected Committee Members are:

Ms Clarissa U Ka Weng, Regional Director (Macau)

Mr Yasunori Shimamoto, Deputy Regional Director (Japan)

Mr Withayoot Bunnag, Committee Member (Thailand)

Mr Au Shi Tong Bruce, Committee Member (Hong Kong)

Regional Secretariat is established to lead Ordinary Members in the corresponding region. WFD has eight (8) Regional Secretariats and one Regional Co-operating Member. They cooperate with, and report on their activities to, the WFD Secretariat. Link of the WFD Regional Secretariats:

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